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Design and Development


Enterprise Level Solutions

Hudson Horizons recognizes the often times complex solutions your business requires. On a larger scale, we offer enterprise-level solutions for your corporation. These solutions are meant to offer a platform to help businesses achieve their specific goals.

What is an Enterprise Level Solution?

An enterprise level solution refers to custom-tailored software or programming with the intended use of achieving large corporation business goals. The solution is utilized throughout the entire corporation in order to seamlessly carry-out the everyday processes of a corporation.

Internal Company Intranets

An internal company intranet is a solution that allows businesses large and small to share important documents. Whether it be notes, presentations, guidelines or other business strategies, the company restricted website, when setup properly, can have a strong effect on your business’ project management ability.

Although a powerful medium for business corporations, an internal company intranet may not be logical for your business. Hudson Horizons will work with you to determine the specific needs of your business.

Order Entry Solutions

With the growth of internet businesses, your E-Commerce solution is arguably the most important component of receiving, tracking, managing and monitoring business sales. Hudson Horizons offers convenient custom order entry solutions so that the e-commerce process is efficient and painless for both the customer and the business.

An effective order entry solution is vital in boosting efficiency and business productivity.