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Design and Development

Content Management Systems

A content management system, or CMS, is a comprehensive web-solution that is used to manage your website’s content on a daily basis. With an effective CMS, website owners will be able to seamlessly add, edit, remove, draft and/or publish HTML content.

Almost every business website makes utility of a CMS. A CMS is essential because it serves as an all-in-one management for your website’s content. Also, since most of our clients are unfamiliar with HTML and coding, a CMS allows businesses to manage even the most complex aspects of their website with ease.

Custom Management Solutions

A CMS is important in being able to manage your website’s content. But an effective CMS also offers a host of other business-related solutions. Custom, user-friendly controls will help businesses perform the seamless management of often complex tasks. Our custom management solutions also contain an added SEO benefit that will heavily assist in your business’ ranking on search engines such as Google. These custom management solutions assist in providing timely and efficient changes to a business’ website.

Catering a Solution to Our Clients’ Requirements

A CMS is only effective if it meets the needs of a business. Each CMS solution needs to be custom-tailored to the goals of the business for optimal efficiency.

Hudson Horizons understands the different needs of each business. We understand that no two businesses are alike. Therefore, we are committed to working with each client to accomplish a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. This will allow us to provide a custom solution that will match the goals of your business.